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Principle and application scope of zirconia ceramic parts density meter

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Principle of zirconia ceramic parts density meter

The zirconia ceramic parts density tester is essentially an electronic reliable density meter, and its working principle is based on the modern intelligent detection instrument based on the Archimedes buoyancy method combined with microelectronic technology. It is mainly composed of weighing part, density accessories, density software, etc. The weighing part weighs mostly the weight of the sample in the air and its lightweight in the water. Then the software can automatically calculate the density value and volume of the product according to the built-in program. The operation is simple without complex calculations and intelligent automation.
Characteristics of zirconia ceramic parts

Zirconia ceramic parts, as the name implies, are made of zirconia ceramics through a particular processing process into various machine parts, structural components, moulds, knives, etc. Zirconia ceramics have the characteristics of high toughness, high bending strength and high wear resistance, excellent thermal insulation performance, and thermal expansion coefficient close to that of steel, so they are widely used in various industrial fields. Commonly used in Y-TZP grinding balls, dispersed grinding media, nozzles, ball valve ball seats, zirconia moulds, micro fan shafts, fibre optic pins, fibre optic sleeves, wire drawing dies and knives, blades, cases and straps, bracelets and pendants, Manufacturing and Manufacturing of ball bearings, golf clubs and other room-temperature wear-resistant zero devices.
Zirconia ceramic parts density

Zirconia ceramic parts are made of zirconia ceramics, the Density of which is determined by the Density of zirconia ceramics. The Density of zirconia ceramic material is generally higher than 6.00g/cm3, but it is not a fixed value. The Density of zirconia ceramics depends on its crystal form. At different temperatures, there are three crystal forms of monoclinic zirconia, tetragonal zirconia, and cubic zirconia. At room temperature, the traditional only monoclinic zirconia ceramics has a density of 5.65g/cm3, but with the introduction of stabilizers, tetragonal zirconia and cubic zirconia can also be stable at room temperature. The Density is 6.10g/cm3 and 6.27g/cm3 respectively. However, due to the existence of eutectic ceramic materials, the Density of zirconia ceramic parts generally reaches 6.00g/cm3 or more.

Method for detecting Density of zirconia ceramic parts

The density detection of zirconia ceramic parts is by the standard of GB/T 25995-2010, and the test method is the liquid immersion method also belongs to the Archimedes buoyancy method. It specifies the weighing accuracy of the density balance. When the sample mass is not higher than 10g, the accuracy is 0.1mg, and when the sample mass is more significant than 10g, the accuracy is 0.001% of the sample mass. That is to say, the sample is light and measured A high-precision density meter is necessary, because the higher the accuracy, the more expensive the instrument, so if the budget is not sufficient, the weight of the sample should be more substantial. When the sample weight is 200g, the density balance can choose the weighing accuracy of 5mg.

Application range of zirconia ceramic parts density meter

The density tester of zirconia ceramic parts adopts a 5-inch touch screen, the function is further upgraded, with statistical purposes, and the printing function of the label printer is added. The screen-guided operation is more straightforward and more transparent. The density balance can be used to determine the Density of ceramic materials such as zirconia ceramics and alumina ceramics. It can also be used to assess powder metallurgy, cemented carbide, tempered glass, jewellery jade, gold ore, composite materials, polymer materials, rubber, Density, specific gravity, volume, percentage, and average Density of solid materials such as plastics.

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