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Application of silicon nitride in refractory materials

wallpapers Industry 2020-10-15
Silicon nitride ceramics are a promising high-temperature structural material due to their excellent high-temperature properties such as high-temperature strength, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The strong covalent bond and low diffusion coefficient at high temperature result in the manufacture of Si3N4 ceramics must rely on high temperature, high pressure and sintering agent. The cost is too high. Otherwise, it isn't easy to produce high-quality silicon nitride materials. These production costs and equipment limitations are difficult for the metallurgical industry to accept. Therefore, the research in the field of refractories started late, and the analysis is not in-depth. Many theories are derived from ceramics, but there is not much innovation. In the past, silicon nitride generally only existed in a bonded phase in refractory materials. Through the nitriding and firing of metal Si, aggregates such as corundum or silicon carbide and fine powder were combined to achieve a combination of difficult-to-sinter products. Purpose. Ceramic slabs are silicon carbide aggregates and some fine powders, using metal Si nitriding to form silicon nitride as the bonding phase, bonding silicon carbide together to form silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide materials, used in blast furnace body and other parts So that the performance of the material has been dramatically improved. Compared with the clay-bonded silicon carbide shed, the material has good high-temperature performance, which solves the swelling and damage of the shed due to the oxidation of silicon carbide the clay-bonded silicon carbide shed is used.
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