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How To Make Alloy With Cobalt?

wallpapers News 2020-12-25
Cobalt, element symbol Co, silver-white ferromagnetic metal, the surface is silver-white and slightly pink, located in the 4th period, group VIII in the periodic table, atomic number 27, atomic weight 58.9332, close-packed hexagonal crystal, common valence is +2 , +3. Cobalt is a lustrous steel gray metal, relatively hard and brittle, ferromagnetic, and its magnetism disappears when heated to 1150°C. The valence of cobalt is +2 and +3.
In addition to individual deposits, cobalt is widely dispersed in skarn-type iron ore, vanadium-titanium magnetite, hydrothermal polymetallic ore, various types of copper ore, sedimentary cobalt manganese ore, copper-nickel sulfide ore, nickel silicate ore and other deposits Although its grade is low, its scale is often large, and it is the main source of cobalt extraction. There is no unified regulation on the evaluation index of cobalt associated with comprehensive ore deposits. Generally, the ore with good processing and smelting performance has a cobalt content of more than 0.01%. The grade of cobalt concentrate is worth 0.2%. If the scale of the metal deposit is large and the comprehensive recovery efficiency of the ore is good, the amount of cobalt counts. Cobalt-sulfur concentrate is divided into six grades according to chemical composition, all of which are calculated according to dry ore grade.
Making alloy
Cobalt is mainly used to make alloys. Cobalt-based alloy is a general term for alloys made of cobalt and one or more of the group of chromium, tungsten, iron, and nickel. Tool steel containing a certain amount of cobalt can significantly improve the wear resistance and cutting performance of steel. Stellite cemented carbide containing more than 50% cobalt will not lose its original hardness even if heated to 1000°C. Now this cemented carbide has become the most important material used between gold-containing cutting tools and aluminum. In this material, cobalt combines the other metal carbide grains in the alloy composition to make the alloy have higher toughness and reduce the sensitivity to impact. This alloy is welded on the surface of the part to make the part Life span is increased by 3~7 times.

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