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Use matters of sodium citrate gypsum retarder

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How many types of retarders are commonly used?
Organic acids and their soluble salts, alkaline phosphates and proteins and other retarders. Organic acids and their soluble salts mainly include citric acid, sodium citrate, tartaric acid, potassium tartrate, acrylic acid and sodium acrylate, among which citric acid and its salts are the most researched and effective. Citric acid and its salts can achieve a strong retarding effect when the amount of citric acid and its salt is very small. Phosphate retarders mainly include sodium hexametaphosphate and sodium polyphosphate. What is the color of gypsum retarder? It is white, brown, powdery, and easily soluble in water.
Which retarder is the most suitable?
From the point of view of the impact on the strength of gypsum, borax is the most suitable retarder among the three retarders; although sodium polyphosphate has a greater negative impact on the strength of gypsum than borax, it can also be used with a small amount of it. Used as a retarder. If citric acid is used as a retarder, its content should be controlled below 0.03%. Sodium citrate has metal ion complexing ability, good pH adjustment and buffering performance. Sodium citrate is one of the most commonly used high-efficiency retarders in construction gypsum. Sodium citrate has obvious retarding effect on gypsum and can be used as a gypsum retarder. A coagulant is used, but the amount of coagulant should not be too large, otherwise it will affect the strength of gypsum.

Instructions of sodium citrate gypsum retarder
1. The content of hemihydrate gypsum is 0.03%-0.5%.
2. As the content of gypsum retarder increases, the setting time is prolonged.
3. As the temperature increases, the content of gypsum retarder needs to be increased appropriately.
4. Due to different types and properties of gypsum, the effect of gypsum retarder may be different, so determine the dosage before use.
5. When used for plastering gypsum, the compounding of gypsum retarder and 0.5% cement can effectively extend the retarding time.
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