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Maintenance and damage countermeasures of SKF bearings

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Maintenance, repair and abnormal handling of SKF bearings
In order to maintain the original performance of SKF bearings as long as possible, maintenance and inspection are required to prevent accidents, ensure operational reliability, and improve productivity and economy. It is best to perform regular maintenance according to the operating standards of the machine operating conditions. The content includes monitoring the operating status, replenishing or replacing lubricants and regular disassembly inspections.
SKF bearing damage and countermeasures
Generally, if SKF bearings are used correctly, they can be used until the fatigue life is reached. But accidents will occur, and it will not be able to withstand use if it is damaged prematurely. Contrary to fatigue life, this early damage limits the use of quality called failure or accident. Many of these are caused by careless installation, use and lubrication, foreign matter intrusion from the outside, and insufficient research on the thermal effect of the shaft and housing.
Regarding the damage state of SKF bearings, for example: the ring flange of the rolling bearing is stuck, the reason is that the lubricant is insufficient, inappropriate, the oil supply and drain structure is defective, foreign matter invades, the SKF bearing is installed incorrectly, if the shaft deflection is too large, These reasons will also overlap.
Therefore, it is difficult to know the real cause of damage only by investigating the damage of SKF bearings. However, if you know the use of SKF bearings, the conditions of use, the structure around SKF bearings, and understand the situation before and after the accident, combined with the damage of the SKF bearings and several reasons for investigation, you can prevent similar accidents from recurring .

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