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Synthesis of Nanometer Magnesium Nitride

Magnesium nitride powder of nanometric size was prepared by reaction of magnesium in highly reactive form (Mg ) with nitrogen gas under mild conditions in high yields. This Mg’ was obtained by the thermal dec0mposit10n of magnesium anthracene. 3THF at 200℃ under vacuum. The average particle size of Mg3N2 obtained is around 20-3O nm as shown by the transmission electron microscopy. At 450 ℃ at normal pressure of N, atom sphere, the yield of Mg3N2 by the nitridation of Mg-doped with NiCl2 is 93% in 20 h.
Several problems of magnesium nitride
When the Mg bar is ignited in the air, the light yellow Mg3N2 can not be seen. The reason is that while a large amount of MgO is generated, the amount of Mg3N2 is very small, and Mg3N2 is easily sublimated by heating. It is recommended to add a demonstration experiment of Mg burning in the air to generate Mg3N2 in the textbook or teacher teaching book.
Preparation and Characterization of Magnesium Nitride and the Effect of Interlayer on the Growth of Nanowires
In the solid-phase reaction of preparing many new materials with excellent properties (such as boron nitride and silicon nitride), magnesium nitride is an indispensable sintering aid. For example, magnesium nitride can promote hexagonal nitriding under high temperature and high pressure. Conversion of boron to cubic boron nitride. At the same time, magnesium nitride can also be used in the recovery of nuclear fuel and other fields. In addition, it is generally believed that magnesium nitride powder is a direct bandgap semiconductor material with a bandwidth of about 2.8 eV. Therefore, magnesium nitride also has potential applications in light-emitting diodes and laser diodes. Although the industrial production of magnesium nitride by the reaction of magnesium powder and nitrogen has been achieved, the purity of magnesium nitride powder needs to be improved. In this article, we use ammonia instead of nitrogen to improve the purity of magnesium nitride (because the H decomposed during the ammonia heating process may have a certain inhibitory effect on the formation of magnesium oxide), and study some basic magnesium nitride Properties, such as the morphology of magnesium nitride powder, photoluminescence properties, thermal stability, oxidation resistance and stability in the air. These basic characteristics of magnesium nitride powder have important reference values for the application of magnesium nitride powder. In addition, our group has been working on the growth of gallium nitride nanostructures. During the research process, we found that the use of different intermediate layers can strongly affect the quality of gallium nitride nanostructures. Based on recent experimental work, we have The role of some active metal intermediate layers and oxide intermediate layers in the synthesis of one-dimensional gallium nitride nanostructures that have been boldly imagined. With the deepening of experimental work, these views still need to be improved and developed.

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