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What are biomagnetic beads?


What are biomagnetic beads?

Biomagnetic beads refer to superparamagnetic microspheres with fine particle sizes, generally superparamagnetic. It can quickly gather in the magnetic field and disperse evenly when it leaves the magnetic field, which is helpful for magnetic separation.

What are the application areas?

By coating specific antibodies, receptors, etc. on the surface of magnetic beads, it is used to separate and purify the target in the sample. Magnetic beads have been widely used in immunoassays, nucleic acid isolation and extraction, cell sorting, and enzyme immobilization.

targeted drug delivery

Targeted drug delivery refers to delivering a specific drug to a specific physiological site, organ, tissue, or cell according to the purpose, and exerting the drug effect at that site. Drug-loaded magnetic nanoparticles consist of a magnetic core with magnetic guidance, a shell with affinity and biocompatibility, and a drug wrapped inside the particle or bound to the shell polymer.


The magnetic beads with smaller particle sizes are injected into the tumor tissue to generate energy under the action of an external magnetic field, which is uniformly released into the tumor tissue. Due to the insufficient blood supply in the tumor tissue, the heat diffusion in the tumor cells is slow, resulting in a local temperature increase, thereby killing the tumor cells.

Magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology can perform rapid non-destructive inspection of biological internal organs and has become one of the most effective methods for the early diagnosis of tumors. Iron oxide nanoparticles are the most commonly used MRI contrast agents, and dextran-coated iron oxide is biocompatible and can be excreted through the liver after treatment.

gene carrier

Nanomagnetic beads are used as gene carriers for gene therapy, cell transfection, etc.

Nucleic acid extraction

The magnetic bead method for DNA extraction is a perfect combination of nanotechnology and biotechnology and has the incomparable advantages of traditional DNA extraction methods. Nucleic acid extraction is the basis of the biomedical field, and the magnetic bead method for DNA extraction is of great significance for promoting the rapid development of genetic testing and individualized medicine due to its high efficiency and stability.

Cell isolation (CD4, CD8)

It can be further used for tumor detection and diagnosis.

Protein and Antibody Separation (Amino Magnetic Beads, Carboxy Magnetic Beads, Epoxy Magnetic Beads)

It can be further used for the detection and diagnosis of diseases.

Heavy metal detection (thiol magnetic beads)

It can be further used for sewage treatment and so on.

NMR (uncoated magnetic beads) is used for contrast agents, etc.

Immobilization of enzymes

In the food industry, bioactive peptides are usually produced by enzymatic hydrolysis. The use of an external magnetic field can not only control the movement mode and direction of the immobilized enzyme on magnetic beads, improve the biocompatibility and immune activity of the immobilized enzyme, but also improve the stability and catalytic efficiency, which is beneficial to recycling and greatly reduces the cost.

In addition, biomagnetic beads are also used for the separation of biologically active substances, food safety detection, etc.

Features of Biomagnetic Beads

Automated, high-volume operations are possible. Meeting the operational requirements of high-throughput biology is conducive to a rapid and timely response to major disease outbreaks;

Simple operation and short time. The entire extraction process has only four steps, most of which can be completed within 36-60 minutes;

Safe and non-toxic, using non-toxic reagents, in line with modern environmental protection concepts;

The specific combination of magnetic beads and nucleic acid makes the extracted nucleic acid with high purity and concentration.

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