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Construction and installation skills of lightweight partition board

How to install lightweight partition panels and what are the precautions? Today, our company's wall panel factory will list 14 installation tips in detail for you.
1. locate the floating dust and excess mortar on the wall, floor, ceiling, beam, etc. according to the actual drawings, and smooth the surface.
2. When designing guide walls, they can be used as precast concrete pads or cast-in-place concrete guide walls. The centerline of the guide wall should be consistent with the centerline of the block wall.
3. Calculate the number of blocks in the length direction of the partition wall in front of masonry wall masonry. If the gap is less than one block, the block can be filled with the required size to fill the gap. Generally, no plastering is required for masonry walls, and a bottom-up ladder-type masonry method should be adopted when masonry and the upper and lower seams are required to be arranged in staggered seams
4. Put the line and transport the board in place; the double line of board thickness is popped up and down on the axis of the installation wall respectively and lifted to the wall according to the required specifications.
5. Saw the board; according to the specifications of the wall, use a portable electric saw to divide it.
6. Sizing; first, put cement on the tenon side of the two boards, and then put the polymer mortar on one of the tenon sides.
7. Installation; move the plank to be installed to the assembly position, use an iron skid to correct the wall panel, and force the skid to close to make the polymer mortar squeeze out from the briquettes to fullness, and then use a wooden wedge to temporarily fix it.
8. Correction and fixation; use a ruler of 2 meters or more to inspect the vertical and leveling correction, and then fix it with Φ6mm or Φ8mm ribbed steel bars and construction glue.
9. Grouting and grouting; fill up the calibrated wall with polymer mortar, scrape it, and fill the gap between the upper and lower sides with fine stone concrete.
10. Paste the anti-cracking cloth; after the pouring polymer and the wall are all set, use latex to paste the glass fiber cloth on all the joints.
11. Install the wires and switches; set the hidden wires and the position of the switch box to release the wires, and then use a portable electric saw to divide and slot, and after installation, use the polymer mortar to fill it up.
12. Install door frames; reserve door and window openings on the installed wall, and use splints or lines to anchor at will. The lightweight partition wall panel adopts a composite structure of the GRC surface layer and high thermal resistance core material, so GRC composite wall panel has high strength, high toughness, high impermeability, high fire resistance, and high weather resistance, and has good heat insulation And sound insulation performance.
13. Facing tiles and decorative panels; you can paste tiles or other wooden decorative panels on the installed walls without plastering. The inner layer of the lightweight partition wallboard manufacturer is equipped with a reasonable layout of heat-insulating and sound-absorbing inorganic foamed profiles or other heat-preserving materials. The wall panels are poured, leveled, and scientifically maintained through the assembly line. The production automation is high and the specifications are various.
14. Electrical installation; freely install lamps, furniture, air conditioners, nails, and hangs in the installed room.
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