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What are the advantages of roll forming compared with other metal forming processes?

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Introduction to Roll forming
Roll forming is an efficient and effective forming process that provides strict tolerances on complex profiles.
Roll forming is a reliable and proven metal forming method, ideal for modern applications. The process uses a continuous bending operation in which long metal strips, usually coils of steel, are passed through a continuous set of rolls at room temperature. Each set of rolls performs an incremental portion of bending to produce the desired cross-sectional profile. Unlike other metal forming methods, rolling forming is inherently flexible. Secondary processes can also be integrated into a production line. Roll forming improves efficiency by eliminating unnecessary handling and equipment while reducing operating and capital costs.
Typical roll formers can accommodate material specifications from 0.010" to 0.250 "thick. The bending radius depends greatly on the ductility of the metal. However, 180 degree bending is usually achieved using the correct material. Roll forming easily ADAPTS to the integration of secondary operations such as welding, stamping and precision laser cutting to optimize production efficiency.
What are the advantages of roll forming compared with other metal forming processes?
The large capacity
Ultra-precision machining to very strict tolerances, with excellent part uniformity and excellent surface finish
More flexible and sensitive than pressure braking or extrusion
Adapt to metal with variable surface coating, flexibility and size
Process high strength steel without breaking or tearing
Use less steel to make stronger, lighter structural parts
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