New Type of Hyperreflective Coatings: A Revolutionary Solution for Hotter Summer Weather with Potassium Silicate

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University have invented a coating that reflects ultraviolet light, which can protect the surface from becoming too hot and prevent paint corrosion. With the help of a new paint developed by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, your car and house can maintain low temperatures in the summer, thanks to the laboratory’s technological breakthroughs. This coating uses glass to form a more reflective surface coating and protects your paintwork from the strong ultraviolet rays that typically corrode it.

This coating is made of silicon dioxide and potassium silicate, which can dry in a few hours, forming a tough and durable surface coating. Essentially, this chemical substance immediately rebounds ultraviolet rays, ensuring that the surface does not absorb solar radiation, thereby maintaining its cool touch. The uses are endless, from car paint to metal roofs, from boats to stands for sports games.


(Potassium Silicate)

Potassium silicate is a colorless or slightly yellow semi-transparent to transparent glassy substance with hygroscopicity, belonging to strong alkaline reactions. It is soluble in water and acid but not in alcohol. Potassium silicate is usually a viscous liquid with a blue-green color and a purity specification of 99.5%. It decomposes in acid and precipitates silica, which is slowly soluble in cold water or almost insoluble in water (depending on its composition). In addition, potassium silicate has a high melting point, exceeding 300 ° C.

The characteristics of potassium silicate:

  1. Protective coating: Potassium metasilicate can determine a protective layer to combat salt crystallization on the surface, so then avert surface damage.
  2. Catalysts and adhesives: Potassium silicate is used as a descaling agent in glass and ceramics manufacturing and can also be used as a catalyst and adhesive.
  3. Fluorescent screen coating layer and soap filler: Potassium silicate is also used as a binder and soap filler for fluorescent screen powders.
(Potassium Silicate)

Application of potassium silicate:

  1. Welding rod manufacturing: Potassium silicate is an important raw material for welding rods, as it can overcome the problem of splashing during welding.
  2. Catalyst: Potassium metasilicate plays a catalytic role in organic synthesis and the petroleum industry, promoting various chemical reactions.
  3. Fire retardant: Potassium silicate can be used as one of the components of a fire retardant to prevent the combustion of combustibles.
  4. Adhesive: Potassium silicate is used as an adhesive in the construction, automotive, and electronics industries, which can firmly bond different materials.
  5. Agriculture: Potassium silicate can be used as a soil amendment and fertilizer in agriculture, which helps to improve crop yield and quality.
(Potassium Silicate)


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